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HUD Homes: A Great Investment

Are you considering investing your hard-earned money? Then this episode of “How’s the Market: Real Estate. Real Answers.” might be the answer to your dilemma.


Nancy Braun along with Mike Maniace, Director of HUD Operations at Showcase Realty aims to reveal in this episode the secret behind why HUD homes are an excellent investment that people just aren’t aware of. We’ll be sharing the ins and outs of selling HUD homes including tips that you should know before putting offers on these properties.


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A HUD home is basically a government owned home that’s been foreclosed down by FHA or through FHA financing. – Mike Maniace


What makes a HUD home a great investment? It’s a foreclosed property so it’s probably goning to be discounted initially. And after it sits on the market for a long time, if it does, then you can actually scoop it up at a really good price. – Nancy Braun


My favorite is the Good Neighbor Next Door program, which is a way for us to give back to the people that are serving our community. – Nancy Braun


I want to stress the importance of working with an experienced agent and not just any agent who have been in the field for a while. It should be an agent with experience in HUD homes. – Nancy Braun


What Makes A Sucessful Real Estate Investor: How Not To Get Burned

Wonder why some buyers make a killing flipping homes while others get stuck with a few bad homes and lose it all?


To answer this, John Sorensen, one of the Real Estate Investment Specialist at Showcase Realty joins Nancy Braun for this episode of How’s the Market: Real Estate. Real Answers. This episode aims to provide information on what makes a successful real estate investor.


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Never buy a piece of real estate using your own name as far as investment property. You could get yourself into real serious trouble. - John Sorensen


Location. Location. Location. There’s a reason for that. You need to know that you’re buying and investing in the right area and that’s why you don’t buy properties unseen. - John Sorensen


Invest in single-family homes and make them rental property. You purchase a single-family home as a long-term investment looking for rental income by leasing the home out to a qualified tenant. - John Sorensen


Do not listen to those late night so-called real estate gurus that make flipping houses seem as easy as 1, 2, 3. Flipping houses is tougher than you think so before you quit your day job, you need to understand what you’re getting into. - John Sorensen


Legal Mistakes to Avoid When Buying or Selling a House

On this episode of “How’s The Market”, Nancy Braun along with her guests Laurie Baker, an Attorney and Counselor at Law from Baker Law and Jessica Cook, Account Executive from Montage Mortgage will share about legal mistakes to avoid when buying or selling a house.


Knowing, understanding and avoiding these mistakes will help you save tons of money and hours of hassle during home selling or buying.


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The more experienced the folks that are working for you are in the transaction, the smoother it’s going to go for everybody that’s involved. So it’s important to have a good team on your side. - Laurie Baker


I always tell my folks to always purchase a title insurance policy to protect your interest. - Laurie Baker


You want to make sure that you have an on-site conversation with the inspectors and have your buyer present at this inspections as well as your agent. - Nancy Braun

Walkthroughs should be done prior to the closing and not after. - Nancy Braun


Sell Your Home Faster: Tips & Tricks for This Year’s Hot Market

Jim Potter, owner of Old Towne Development, joins Nancy Braun in this week's episode to share tips and tricks to sell your home faster for this year's hot market. This includes seller secrets for this spring's real estate market, benefits of home inspection before home selling, ways you can sabotage your home's sale, must-haves to sell to young homebuyers, and home-staging tips you can do yourself.


With the help of these tips and tricks, you will not only sell your home faster, they will be sold closer to their list price, with less hassle and with no delay in closing.


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Locally, North Carolina ranked third in the growth for Women Entrepreneurship. That's pretty amazing. - Nancy Braun


An estimated 1,288 women start new businesses every day, double the rate of three years ago. - Nancy Braun


60% of homes bought and sold this year will be sold between May and August. - Nancy Braun

If you sell on the cusp of prime selling and buying season, you’ll face less competition that if you sell in May or June, when more homes will flood the market. - Nancy Braun


What Makes A Super Star Agent: 10 Questions You Need to Ask

What makes a super star agent? Answers will be given by Nancy Braun, who is joined by Showcase Realty's Director of Recruiting and Training, Leigh Anne Forlidas.


To help you make the best informed decision, in this episode, we have covered 10 questions to ask your real estate agent before you hire them. This will help you determine if the agent is truly a super star!


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It's well known in the industry that 95% of sales are done by just 5% of the agents. - Nancy Braun


Residential listings increased by 4.6% in March, overall inventory was down 4.8% from March of last year. Meaning people are buying homes faster than they are coming onto the market. - Nancy Braun


An overpriced listing will never sell. - Nancy Braun


The amount of buyers somebody has got is absolutely key in helping you sell your home. - Leigh Anne Forlidas


What to Really Expect at Closing

This week’s episode of “How’s the Market” helps us understand what a buyer or selling should expect at closing. Knowing what to expect when you come to the table ensures a smooth and hassle-free closing.


To help every buyer and seller understand this, Nancy Braun is joined by Laurie Baker, an Attorney and Counselor at Law from Baker Law.


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Very important. You really must make sure you do a final walk through before you have the closing. - Nancy Braun

When people are more relax, they’re more apt to be able to formulate the questions that they really need to know at the closing table. - Laurie Baker

In North Carolina, we are what we call a race state. So what that means is that title does not legally change hands until the deed is actually recorded. - Laurie Baker


How to Make the Most of The (Hot) Spring Market

Chris Reinert, Senior Mortgage Consultant at Montage Mortgage and Jim Potter of Old Towne Development Corps. joins Nancy Braun on "How's The Market" this week to discuss the current state of the Charlotte real estate market in 2014 as well as, first-time homebuyers, our top 5 features appearing in new homes today and 6 low cost improvements you can do before you sell your home.

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Current Charlotte Real Estate Market Update:

Inventory is down 4.8% in February compared to this same time last year, with current total homes on the market at 14,231. Interesting to note, when comparing February 2012 to 2013 the number of homes on the market declined sharply by 20.2%.

On a national level, weak existing-home sales is expected to sum up the first quarter of 2014, while limited inventory continues to boost prices.  Look for the middle of the year to see this pace increase.

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"MSN ranks North Carolina as the 5th state for first time homebuyers" - Nancy Braun (Tweet This)

"You don't need $20,000 dollars to put down on a home anymore, it could be anywhere from 100 to 5% down" - Nancy Braun (Tweet This)

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HUD Homes: The Amazing Opportunity You’ve Probably Never Heard About

Mike Maniace, Director of HUD Operations joins Nancy Braun and How's The Market this week to discuss HUD Homes, how they are an incredible value in today's market place, what you have to do to find a HUD home and what types of special offers HUD offers.

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We think HUD homes are a "secret gem" that offer amazing value to potential homebuyers.  What do you think about HUD homes now that you know the facts and would you consider purchasing a HUD home?  Leave a comment and let us know.  If you know anyone that could benefit from this week's podcast don't hesitate to spread the word and share it!

We have many great deals on HUD homes and other foreclosures right now, take a look!


Repairing & Renovating - Preparing your home for sale and how to pay for it all.

"Repairing & Renovating" - Preparing your home for sale and how to pay for it all.

Jim Potter, Owner of Old Towne Development Corp., joins Nancy on How's The Market this week to discuss repairing and renovating your home, what's trending, what do buyers really want, ways to be eco-friendly and most importantly, how to pay for it all!

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"Don't lose buyers because of paint, for the simple amount of effort and cost, seller's should neutralize their homes." - @ShowcaseRealty (tweet this)


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Buying Vs. Renting: Which is right for you?

Should you buy or should you rent?  This always seems to be the question. However, depending on where you live, in most cases buying your own home could be the obvious choice.

Brad Roche, loan officer at McLean Mortgage, joins the How's The Market Podcast this week to discuss the age old question of buying or renting.  

Read on for some of the tweetable moments and references, or listen to the full podcast.

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    "Buying a home in Charlotte is 44% cheaper than renting." - Nancy Braun 

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    "All the money you put into the home comes back to you in equity or in home improvements." - Nancy Braun 

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    "For every 1000 dollars you put down at today's interest rates your saving just under 4 dollars on your monthly payments." - Brad Roche 

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