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Relocation Charlotte

August 26, 2014

Relocation Charlotte

Did you know that a lot of corporations have moved their headquarters to Charlotte? For instance, Hitachi American Ltd., Sealed Air Corporation and Spectra Group. Want to know why of all the growth cities in the country these corporation choose to relocate to Charlotte?

Tune in to How’s The Market. Real Estate. Real Answers, with Nancy Braun, host and owner of Showcase Realty and Wes Pruitt with Reliance First Capital as they share stats, trends and insights behind these corporate moves. Topics include Charlotte’s low cost of living, top higher education systems, diverse neighborhoods, and much more. Tune in!


I've been here now for I guess 13 years now. I really wanted somewhere where I can have a real good life and work balance. The other thing that kept me here I was already in the lending industry so Charlotte is a big big area for banking operations. So I thought it will be a good good time for me to move back then and it's worked out very well for my family. - Wes Pruitt

There's so many opportunities here. And the thing about this area is it is so diverse. There's a lot of folks here from different nationalities. There's a large range of the population from different backgrounds, different cultural backgrounds, different socio economic backgrounds. And I think that really contributes very well to the environment and the overall atmosphere in the city. - Wes Pruitt

Now we're experiencing a lot of other companies that are moving and big part of the real estate agent's job is not just finding them the home but making them feel at ease and comfortable and finding the right neighborhood that fits their lifestyle. - Nancy Braun

That's the thing, you know, you can choose your lifestyle and live in Charlotte. You don't have to give up anything to live in this area. - Wes Pruitt

Joining a club in Charlotte is totally cool. And it's how people meet each other. Again, 65% of the people aren't from Charlotte so joining some type of meetup group or and one of these professionals organizations that fits your lifestyle or that interest, is gonna really make you, you know, have an instant social network very quickly. - Nancy Braun